The report will analyze the consequences for the country if the decriminalization and regulation of different uses of the plant took place. Based on a series of data, it was possible to arrive at estimates on the impact of the introduction of the cannabis market in Brazil.

The structure of the report is composed of three major chapters, where each one represents a stage in the regulation of marijuana in Brazil, and these stages were foreseen according to the experience of other countries where the agenda is already more advanced. These are the chapters: Medicinal, Large-scale Hemp and Adult Use. In addition to these chapters, the report also has an executive summary, introductory chapters and a conclusion.

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Expert analysis and commentary on commercial possibilities

Expert analysis and commentary on commercial possibilities

Scenario for the next 4 years considering the complete regulation in the country Au

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Name: The Economic Impact of Cannabis
Country: Brazil
Languages: Portuguese (BR), english and spanish 
Pages: +80
Year: 2021

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